Thursday, December 18, 2008


I wanted to take a moment in the midst of a very busy season to wish all my blogger friends a very Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary !!

Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams. We have been married 14 years today. I am living proof that if you leave the choice to God, He gives you the best. There is no way anyone could convince me that our relationship was not meant to be. I know that God, through his providence, brought us together. I will be eternally grateful for that fact.

This picture was taken on our 1st Anniversary.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I have always been proud of our church and school, but last week really was a time for the cummunity to see Jesus shine through our organizations. The Singing Christmas Tree performed 4 nights. One of the tree performances was on the same day as the Hobe Sound Parade--Saturday afternoon. When you are involved in both, it keeps you hopping. It certainly was an enventful, but rewarding time. I marched in the front of the parade to keep things together and carried water and supplies just in case they were needed.

It is quite the procession--the flags and banners came first with the Marching Band next. (Doyle walked backwards the whole parade-that is why I had to make sure he didn't mow the banners down.) Following the band was the float with kids walking beside it handing our candy.

Lydia got to walk beside the float.

The Happy Birthday Jesus float.

The Nativity-only in the south would they be barefooted.

Joseph rode on the float. The theme was "Happy Birthday to Jesus"--Here everything is ready for the party.

Anthony and Kelly Heath did a fantastic job of getting the float ready and supplying the truck. Anthony makes sure the candles are lit.

Kelly adjusting a party hat.

Doyle fixing a cover on a sousaphone.

Julianna takes a break from playing the cymbals.

Samuel in action.

Doug (from the college) played the quads the whole time, even when the band took a break. He was wiped out when it was all said and done. I told him he would probably be playing them in his sleep.

Tired and thirsty-ready to go home and take a break before performing in the Singing Tree again.

The Singing Christmas Tree

Mr. Mark Going did an incredible job as the director.

Julianna was able to be in the angel choir that did choreography during the Hallelujah Chorus.

Doyle during practice. He directed when Mr. Going was singing.

Doyle practicing with the brass quartet.

The kids watching the artist paint the beautiful town scene.

Julianna catching some of the snow.

Lydia was dressed as a package.

Time for a photo with my sweetie.

Samuel and Joseph dressed as Toy Soldiers.

Here they come-Soldiers on Parade!

Our kids in the stable after the program.

Walking home, lugging the kids after the last performance.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yes, we had another birthday at our house. My boys' birthdays are 6 days apart. Samuel turned 10 and this was his year for a party with friends. He wanted a Lego-themed party, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

I took cupcakes and milk to his classroom in the morning.

Samuel helps decorate the cake with sprinkles-lots of sprinkles.

This was my feeble effort at a Lego cake. The kids liked it.

We are ready for the guests to arrive.

We dumped a huge container of Legos of the floor for the kids to make all kinds of creative designs. I like this picture Doyle took of their hands.

Here is the rest of the guests.

Here they play a game trying to drop a Lego into a jar while standing on a stool.

Doyle was right at home with all of these boys. Here he explains the next project.

Gift time.

Guests pose for one more picture.

Birthdays are exhausting for my boys.

Friday, November 28, 2008


My youngest child turned 5 last Tuesday. This was his year to have a family party. He wanted a pirate cake, and since I paid way too much for the last one from the store, I decided to do my own. He also wanted some candy fish and turtles. It was a little cluttered, but I have learned not to sweat about these things. It wouldn't make it in a magazine, but it tasted good and he loved it. I put a treasure chest in the cake with a clue in it saying where to find one of his gifts. There is a red X on the cake, along with some pirates, showing him where to dig--that is why he is holding a spoon and ready to go.

He had to lick the cake off the treasure chest before opening it.

One of his gifts was a spotting scope. Of course, he had to try it out.

He had been asking for a watch for a long time. I am sure he will be telling time in a few days.

Joseph received a lego set; I think Samuel was helping him snap something together.

Lydia reads her card and explains her gift.

Julianna reads her card to him.

She also made him a pillow with a puppy in the pocket.

When you ask him how old he is now, he makes this crazy face and gives you a high five.

He is a big boy now. We were going for a walk a few days ago, and I said "Whee" when he went down a hill. He said, "Mom, you don't need to say 'whee' anymore, I am a big boy now." I laughed, but it made me a little sad.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip to Orlando

I mentioned in an ealier post that Julianna had placed 1st in a regional spelling bee, and that she would be going to state competition. Last Friday we got up early to make that trip. The competition was tough, but we were so proud when she took 3rd place. It took an hour and a half to finish her division. She even got a word that we had never heard of. She spelled that one correctly which kept her in longer. She was relieved when it was all over-she was ready to have some fun.

After we ate, we went to Downtown Disney. This place is perfect when you don't have a whole day to spend at an amusement park. It is free to go through all of the shops, take a boat ride, and enjoy Disney theme stores all decked out for Christmas.

The first place we visited was the huge Lego shop. Samuel absolutely loves creating with Legos, so he enjoyed all that they had to offer. Here are the choices of loose Legos on the wall that you can buy.

If you need a particular Lego person, I am sure you could find it here.

A Lego Santa.

How would you like for your kids to have to put this creature together?

A Lego family-complete with dogs.

Of course, the kids liked the moving dinosaur.

Kids could build a Lego car and race it down a track.

One of my favorite places was Ghirardelli's. They were handing out yummy peppermint bark when you walked in the door. We shared a waffle ice cream cone-so delicious.

Goofy in person!!

Enjoying our boat ride.

Yes, we had to have a family picture. We were pretty tired at this point.

A benefit of living in south Florida--beautiful poinsettias in the ground.

The candy shop-fudge anyone?

Lydia longingly looking in the window.

After we left Downtown Disney, we went to Daryl's house, Doyle's brother. He had invited us over for a cookout and to spend the night. The kids love spending time with him--he really spoils them. Daryl and Amber went all out to make us feel special: grilled meat, fresh green beans, stir-fry, and a home-made pound cake. Lydia is busy catching them up on the day's events.

Relaxing in the hammock.

It was too cool to get in the pool, but that did not stop them from sticking their feet in.

This game of checkers was interesting-they have different ideas of how the game should be played.

We all went for a walk in the morning. Daryl gave the kids a ride in the wheelbarrow.

Here they go!

Doyle gives Daryl a break.

Julianna makes sure Blaze has his exercise.

We had such a nice time being together. It was a wonderful weekend.