Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Singing Tree and Parade!

Doyle directs in the rain-Hey,they won the trophy and got their picture in the paper!

Last week was a busy one here at Hobe Sound. The Singing Tree performed 4 times and we had our annual town parade. I put 49 pictures on Facebook, but decided to put a few on my blog. Lydia waves at the crowd on the school float. It started raining when they were almost done-what a mess!

Our band with the youth group behind them.

Julianna getting ready to march.

Samuel in line with his trumpet.

Joseph was a shepherd on the float.

Lydia was Mary.

Joseph was a cat in the animal song for the Tree performance.

Julianna was an angel in the Hallelujah Chorus.

The Singing Christmas Tree!

Samuel gets ready to go sing with the rest of the kids.

Lydia as an angel.

Doyle plays for the prelude.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Samuel turned 11 today! We celebrated his birthday last night because the kids and Doyle have a big practice tonight. This was his year to have a family party, so it was just us. He wanted cupcakes for his cake, so I put them in the shape of a tree.

He also wanted to light his candles. All of my kids love the idea of lighting candles-not sure why.

Joseph watching Samuel open his gifts.

His big gift this year was a DSI-something he has been wanting for a long time.

He had a lot of fun figuring out all of the features.

Today I took cupcakes in to his class.

We played a board game together as a family before going to bed last night-we knew this week would be a bit hectic, and felt like it was important to spend some time to celebrate his special day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today Joseph turned 6 years old. He wanted a race car themed party.

Here is his cake with the track shaped into a 6.

A closer look at the flag.

He had a few friends to help him celebrate.

Doyle did some magic tricks for the kids.

Opening gifts.

Our gift to him was a Mocha pup Webkinz.

His party guests and siblings.

Playing red light-green light.

Coloring race cars pictures

Another race car game.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. I know Joseph enjoyed himself-I love my little guy. I can't believe he is growing up so quickly.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Redecorating Projects

About a month ago, we decided to redecorate the kids' bedrooms to get ready for our new addition. You would think that everyone would be crowded with another child coming, but the opposite is actually true. We are utilizing space that we did not use on a regular basis. The first room to go was our guest room. We are using this room for Joseph and the baby. I used the cowboy theme that we were previously using and adapted it for them. When my step-dad comes, he is going to put a door that leads directly into our bedroom. This room has a big closet,as most of the rooms do, so I took advantage of that.

This is baby Micah's bed.

This is Joseph's bed.

The wall above Joseph's bed.

One of the dressers that matches the theme.

This room used to be pink and white with pretty teacups sitting around. We took the piano and put it in the living room. The room got a major overhaul. Doyle painted it a light blue. I bought navy curtains and black curtain rods. I wanted it to be user friendly so I did not put pictures on the wall, but used sports decals. We even put a small basketball hoop since the ceiling is high on one side.

I painted his dresser drawers red and left a long low table in the room so he could build legos and leave them in one place while he was working on a project.

This is the storage unit that keeps a lot of things organized.

We took the boys room and made it into Lydia's room. I bought 2 comforters and used one of them to cut up for curtains, pillows, baby doll blankets and anything else I decided.

I painted the dresser drawers white and brown with aqua pulls. I love changing dressers with paint.

Here is the other side of the room where her desk and other stuff is.

Julianna now has the tropical theme we took from the guest room. She loves it! It is done it coral, lime green, and aqua.

Her rug.

The dressers in her room colors. I love the idea that paint can be electronically matched with a computer. I used that a lot- I just take in a piece of material and they make the paint the exact color.

I did not plan on changing the small bathroom by the girls' room, but why not-since I am on a roll. This used to be done in birdhouses-not anymore. I like the theme that I could use with my current paint and decided to do this room too. These are four picture frames I had bought some time ago and wasn't sure what to do with. I had the pictures printed in sephia.

My man and me!

The wall decorations.

The view of the complete bathroom.

The border.

The great thing about all of this is that we did not have to buy any new furniture. I bought a dresser from Goodwill to put in my master bath to put sheets and stuff in. We simply moved things, repainted, organized, and got rid of unused stuff. It was done on a budget and I feel very good about it. Now, I have to prepare for a yard sale this Saturday. The stuff is together-I just have to price. Thank God for a husband that will do most of the work. These projects have worn me out, so I am trying to be good and take it easy a bit!