Friday, November 28, 2008


My youngest child turned 5 last Tuesday. This was his year to have a family party. He wanted a pirate cake, and since I paid way too much for the last one from the store, I decided to do my own. He also wanted some candy fish and turtles. It was a little cluttered, but I have learned not to sweat about these things. It wouldn't make it in a magazine, but it tasted good and he loved it. I put a treasure chest in the cake with a clue in it saying where to find one of his gifts. There is a red X on the cake, along with some pirates, showing him where to dig--that is why he is holding a spoon and ready to go.

He had to lick the cake off the treasure chest before opening it.

One of his gifts was a spotting scope. Of course, he had to try it out.

He had been asking for a watch for a long time. I am sure he will be telling time in a few days.

Joseph received a lego set; I think Samuel was helping him snap something together.

Lydia reads her card and explains her gift.

Julianna reads her card to him.

She also made him a pillow with a puppy in the pocket.

When you ask him how old he is now, he makes this crazy face and gives you a high five.

He is a big boy now. We were going for a walk a few days ago, and I said "Whee" when he went down a hill. He said, "Mom, you don't need to say 'whee' anymore, I am a big boy now." I laughed, but it made me a little sad.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip to Orlando

I mentioned in an ealier post that Julianna had placed 1st in a regional spelling bee, and that she would be going to state competition. Last Friday we got up early to make that trip. The competition was tough, but we were so proud when she took 3rd place. It took an hour and a half to finish her division. She even got a word that we had never heard of. She spelled that one correctly which kept her in longer. She was relieved when it was all over-she was ready to have some fun.

After we ate, we went to Downtown Disney. This place is perfect when you don't have a whole day to spend at an amusement park. It is free to go through all of the shops, take a boat ride, and enjoy Disney theme stores all decked out for Christmas.

The first place we visited was the huge Lego shop. Samuel absolutely loves creating with Legos, so he enjoyed all that they had to offer. Here are the choices of loose Legos on the wall that you can buy.

If you need a particular Lego person, I am sure you could find it here.

A Lego Santa.

How would you like for your kids to have to put this creature together?

A Lego family-complete with dogs.

Of course, the kids liked the moving dinosaur.

Kids could build a Lego car and race it down a track.

One of my favorite places was Ghirardelli's. They were handing out yummy peppermint bark when you walked in the door. We shared a waffle ice cream cone-so delicious.

Goofy in person!!

Enjoying our boat ride.

Yes, we had to have a family picture. We were pretty tired at this point.

A benefit of living in south Florida--beautiful poinsettias in the ground.

The candy shop-fudge anyone?

Lydia longingly looking in the window.

After we left Downtown Disney, we went to Daryl's house, Doyle's brother. He had invited us over for a cookout and to spend the night. The kids love spending time with him--he really spoils them. Daryl and Amber went all out to make us feel special: grilled meat, fresh green beans, stir-fry, and a home-made pound cake. Lydia is busy catching them up on the day's events.

Relaxing in the hammock.

It was too cool to get in the pool, but that did not stop them from sticking their feet in.

This game of checkers was interesting-they have different ideas of how the game should be played.

We all went for a walk in the morning. Daryl gave the kids a ride in the wheelbarrow.

Here they go!

Doyle gives Daryl a break.

Julianna makes sure Blaze has his exercise.

We had such a nice time being together. It was a wonderful weekend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ministry Opportunity for Concert Band

The Concert Band (consisting of grades 7-10) had the opportunity to minister to the residents of Hobe Sound Manors. It was a neat thing to see young people using their talents to honor God and bring a little sunshine to those dear folks who can not come out to a concert. Mr. Jim Olsen was our faithful bus driver.

Doyle gets them ready to play.

I am so proud of my man.

It was so special to see some of our own church members whom we have not seen for awhile. Sis. Knuckles, former seamstress for the school, kept beat with the band.

Bro. Rundell, Becky Veyon's father, seemed to enjoy himself.

Sis. Orr, former seamstress for the school and church, watching the concert.

The band played several pieces, but the audience was also favored with a few small groups. Here the trumpet trio plays a tune.

The girls play a flute trio--very nice.

Doyle insists that they spend some time visiting with the residents after the concert. I think it is beneficial for both parties to share their lives.

Whitney meets a new friend.

I like this picture of Sarah Stetler visiting with Sis. Orr.

We had an ice cream party for the band afterwards. Here Amanda makes sure she gets enough caramel topping.

I believe that God used these kids to lift the spirits of the elderly. We are proud of them and know that they were a blessing to those who are in the sunset years of their lives.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

Friday night we took the kids out to beg candy from all the neighbors. Actually, there was an organized event on campus. It was so much fun visiting with all of our dear friends in a safe environment. After they visited those on campus, they carried their bulging candy bags into the van to go to Jupiter to a Baptist Church event. We really enjoy taking the kids to a Biblical-based fun evening. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and declared it the best ever as we came back home.

Julianna decided on being a Chef since she had made an apron with my mom this summer.

Samuel wanted to be a pirate. The swords and patch went by the wayside as they were out gathering candy.

Lydia is Red Riding Hood with her basket of goodies.

Joseph also wanted to be a pirate. We thought it was very appropriate since he is missing his front tooth.

Are there any other moms out there that are tempted to take some of the candy out of their bags and slip them into Christmas stockings?--just wondering.