Monday, November 10, 2008

Ministry Opportunity for Concert Band

The Concert Band (consisting of grades 7-10) had the opportunity to minister to the residents of Hobe Sound Manors. It was a neat thing to see young people using their talents to honor God and bring a little sunshine to those dear folks who can not come out to a concert. Mr. Jim Olsen was our faithful bus driver.

Doyle gets them ready to play.

I am so proud of my man.

It was so special to see some of our own church members whom we have not seen for awhile. Sis. Knuckles, former seamstress for the school, kept beat with the band.

Bro. Rundell, Becky Veyon's father, seemed to enjoy himself.

Sis. Orr, former seamstress for the school and church, watching the concert.

The band played several pieces, but the audience was also favored with a few small groups. Here the trumpet trio plays a tune.

The girls play a flute trio--very nice.

Doyle insists that they spend some time visiting with the residents after the concert. I think it is beneficial for both parties to share their lives.

Whitney meets a new friend.

I like this picture of Sarah Stetler visiting with Sis. Orr.

We had an ice cream party for the band afterwards. Here Amanda makes sure she gets enough caramel topping.

I believe that God used these kids to lift the spirits of the elderly. We are proud of them and know that they were a blessing to those who are in the sunset years of their lives.


Kelly S said...

What a great opportunity for the young people! I remember Sis. Orr. She was the sweetest lady. She sewed so many of my splits for me while I was there and usually wouldn't take any money. If I insisted, she wouldn't take much more than a dollar or two. She always loved it when I came to visit her and would talk for hours and hated to see me leave, so I know what it blessing it must have been to those residents to get to visit with the young people! Doyle will have many rewards in Heaven!

Betty said...

Doyle does such a great job with the kids. He's a very talented man. Tell him to keep up the good work.

Beth Stetler said...

What a great ministry. I enjoyed seeing the picture of Bro. Rundell, whom I've known since my childhood in Guatemala. The picture of Sarah is sweet!

Permission to Mother said...

You make me miss the Hobe Sound Community.

I'm not that far away, but Hobe Sound is special.

Ronda said...

That is such an awesome ministry...I am sure that those older people just love having the young people come! What a blessing to them!
Your little "beggars" were adorable! We still have tons of candy, too...Never thought of putting it in the Christmas stockings! LOL!
Hope that you and your family are doing well! Blessings!

Tim said...

It was so good to see Sis. Orr. She's sewn many things for me and I've sat around her table of fellowship. She's a dear!