Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back Home Again

I have unpacked the suitcases and washed the clothes. Before I attempt another task, I better start blogging. I know some of you might think that I have disappeared from this earth. No, I am still alive. We were gone for three weeks. We traveled 4,300 miles and were in 14 states. Part of this trip was vacation and part of it was a Cornerstone Brass Tour. I am one of those crazy women who decide to go along on the tour. Actually, we like being with Doyle and he really wants us along. It was nice, but I started getting tired toward the end of being in concerts for a whole week. Well, I am getting ahead of myself so I will start at the beginning of our journey.
We left July 13th to head for my aunt Erma's house in southern Ky. We arrived Saturday night the 14th. Visiting family in KY is always a highlight for us. We get to spend time with my aunt and uncle plus my 2 cousins and their families. My cousins feel more like brothers sometimes than cousins. Our kids play together and we have a great time. This year Erma surprised me. When I walked through the door, she had monogrammed balloons, gifts, and a Cold Stone Creamery cake for Tim and me. We both turned 40 this year and it was nice to celebrate this event together. We are 2 months apart in age. She even had hats for us to wear.
We got to do so many neat things in the 4 days we had together, including going to the Creation Museum. I had been wanting to go since they opened--we were so glad we did. It was wonderful to see a professional museum from a Biblical perspective. It was like a breath of fresh air to tell your kids, "this is true." We also got to go to Tim and Patty's house for a delicious meal. While the kids had fun playing, we had fun catching up on all the latest.
My aunt Erma and I even got to shop while Doyle watched the kids one morning. We had fun going into the stores and finding a few bargains while drinking our iced tea. One day we took the kids to a fun park where they could walk on trails and just have fun. When Tim and Patty's kids, David and Kelly's kids, and our kids get together, there are at least 12 kids. When Tim and Patty have foster kids, the group is larger. Since David had to fly on a business trip, he wasn't there the last few days. We missed him when he was gone, but we were so glad that Kelly and the kids could still be in on all the activities.
Well, this is just the first few days so I had better let the computer cool down while I get something else done around the house. School starts in a few days and I need to take inventory to see who needs what for the new school year. I promise I will write more soon.


Patty said...

Welcome back. It is crazy how you can miss some one when they live hundreds of miles away. This world of blogging makes you feel so much closer.
You got some great pictures, can't wait to here about the rest of the trip.

Misty said...

Welcome back home, looks like you had a great time!

kayla said...

I'm so glad that we both survived. I'm also glad that you got reoriented to your house in time.
Good luck getting your before school shopping done before tax free week is over.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you all had a great time!! I like the picture of you and Doyle!! Can't believe it's been 12 1/2 years since you all sailed off in that hot air balloon! :)

I'm so jealous of you all!!! :-) I can't wait to see the Creation Museum!!! You'll have to tell me about it!! So glad you all got to go!!!

Will be waiting to hear about the rest of your trip! Have a good day, friend!!