Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Our phone system was down for a couple of days. In some ways, it was peaceful. The repair man left this morning and I decided to see what had happened in the 2 days I had left blogland. I was shocked to see that I had been tagged. What in the world did that mean? I will admit that my first thought was not a positive one. My dad was a hunter and when he and my brother talked about tagging a deer, the deer usually got the worst end of the deal. I read further and discovered that my case was not quite so severe. I was instructed to give seven facts about myself. I have tried to find things that everyone might not know---here goes.

1. I was in a car wreck the day after my 5th birthday. We went over the bank toward the Ohio River. I screamed "help us Jesus" on the way down and our car stopped. Since this was during the "hippie" movement, a man and his 2 shaggy adult boys helped us out of the car and into their house until the police arrived. The hippies did not scare me (they reminded me of some of my cousins), but the cop frightened me very much. I still have my teddy bear that went through the ordeal with me. I also have some scars on my face from hitting the dash. A short time after the wreck, the water had risen above where we landed.

2. I used to be on the management team of a fast-food restaurant chain. I usually put in 60 hours a week, but had 80 hours on my paycheck when I helped open up a new store. I have little compassion for a healthy man who can not put in a 40 hour week.

3. My sisters and I have sung for weddings, funerals, and graduations. We are currently discussing making a C.D. for friends and family.

4. Doyle and I have never attended the same school. We grew up over a thousand miles from each other and never even lived in the same state until the year we met. We are making up for lost time. The last 12 years have been wonderful.

5. I was 29 when I had my first child. My mom was 29 when she had her last child.

6.I grew up spending a lot of time on my grandparent's farm. It was very primitive, but I wouldn't trade those years for anything. My mouth still waters when I think about grandma's biscuits and gravy. I love the farm life.

7. I would rather spend time with my husband and my 4 kids more than anyone else in the world. They are my favorite people--the joy of my life.

The following 7 people have been tagged: Patty, Esther, Kelly, Rebecca, Carla, Kim, and Jenny.


Leah said...

Would love to hear that CD!! Great job on the random things - nothing I knew about you!!!!

Kelly S said...

Hi! Finally taking time to blog again. David is out of town this week in Allentown, PA. We miss him so bad!

When I first saw my emails about being tagged, I wasn't too excited. But, it actually got me back into the swing of it again. Thanks for thinking of me.

Kelly S said...

By the way, I LOVED the mud pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherilyn, I was tagged too! You are welcome to visit my blog to check it out. I also wanted to know if I could add you to my friend's list? You are welcome to do the same.
Thanks! --Jen

Sayler Family Blog said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments you have given on my blog. You have always been a special person to me. When I first arrived at GBS (in all my glory:), you were a real friend. I have never forgotten that. And, you could always make me laugh! I'm glad we've gotten back in touch through the wonderful world of blog.