Friday, January 18, 2008


Julianna turned 11 on Thursday. This was her year for a family birthday. She "ordered" chicken, homemade dumplings, and peas for supper. We had a nice time celebrating her special day. I took cupcakes to her classroom in the morning, and surprised her with a balloon and candy. Her wish came true at her party when she received a digital camera. She was very excited!!
Her cerebration continued today when she placed first in her division in the school spelling bee. We were very proud of her accomplishments.


Ronda said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet "Julianna"! Looks like she had a fun day of celebration! Bet she will enjoy her digital camera!(What a great gift!)Enjoyed the pictures!

Petty said...

Happy Belated Birthday Julianna!

From: The Pettys

Ronda said...

In answer to your comment on my blog...I have a fabulous idea! I 'll get Mary Beth to come,too,(We will fly down for the afternoon!) and we will all go for "tea"! ha! I absolutely love to go to new tea houses! That is so cool about your famiy having tea all the time! Bet your girls enjoyed going with you to the tea party! Take care!