Thursday, February 14, 2008


These are the 4 little Valentines that belong to my Sweetheart and me.

Valentine's Day has always been a special day in our family. I remember watching my brother buy these beautiful Valentines for my parents. He had a GRIT paper route, and had some cash to spend on such luxuries. I wanted so badly to be able to give a nice gift, but I was too young to have a job. I will always remember Kerry helping me make some special Valentines. I used construction paper for the hearts. I could only find a brown piece and a white piece. Brown for Dad and white for Mom. I was able to get some M&Ms to add to the "colorful" hearts. I wrote a nice little note and poured the candy on. I wrapped plastic wrap around the wobbling hearts and presented my gifts to my parents. I have made replicas of those 1st gifts. Since then, I have been able to give some more elaborate gifts to those I love, but the gifts I gave that day will forever stay in my memory. The gift was small, but the giver's heart was big.


Making Memories 1999 said...

How sweet! I'm sure you'd agree, as a parent, those "small" gifts are just as precious to a Mommy and Daddy's heart!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!

Mary Ellen said...

No store bought card ever means more to anyone then a sincere handmade one! What a neat way to blog about Valentine's Day.

I think it is very cool that many parents now use Valentine's Day as a way to also involve their kids and other family. EVERYONE likes to know their loved - not just wives! Great picture of the kids too.

Kelly S said...

Very sweet. I'm beginning to feel guilty. I don't usually make VAlentine's Day a big deal to my kids. My thought has always been that our kids consume our time and are spoiled by us all year long and Valentine's Day is a special/romantic day for couples - time to take for ourselves. Of course, it usually ends up being VERY special for them because many times Grandpa & Grandma babysit them for us! I told Patty on her blog, that I might have to change my point of view on this now that they're getting older. You're right, they truly are our precious little valentines and there will come a day (all too soon) when we'll have plenty of valentine's days to spend without them:(

Ronda said...

Adorable Valentine pictures of the kids! Enjoyed these fun memories of yours! Very sweet!