Monday, June 16, 2008


Sunday we were privileged to honor Doyle on Father's Day. We truly feel blessed to have him as the man of our house. He is a loving husband and a wonderful father to our kids. I find it interesting when men don't want kids around. My husband works with kids all day long, comes home and acts like he hasn't seen any children for years--he really is a natural. He loves kids and it shows, which is the reason why we have so much fun as a family. The following pictures are of the kids and him as they gave him their special gifts. We tried to put notes with each of the gifts that explained our appreciation. When we gave him shoes, the note said, "No one can fill your shoes." etc.

Julianna puts a lot of time into her cards. She gave him socks, which he really needed, and coupons.

Samuel's gift was a book and a funny card. Humorous cards have become his new thing.

Lydia saved her merit money at school and bought him a little car. She also made a nice little book of pictures with drawings of her and Doyle.

Joseph worked diligently on his painting. He also gave his daddy some candy which he has enjoyed sharing.

I am forever grateful to God for bringing Doyle into my life. He loves God with his whole heart and loves us more than we could imagine.


Kelly S said...

A very nice tribute to your man and beautiful pictures! He is the most energetic man I know!

Ronda said...

Sweet tribute to your special man! Loved the pictures!

Allana Martian said...

Joseph looks like SUCH a mischievous little stinker! I think it's the way he smiles. It makes me smile just looking at him.

Making Memories 1999 said...
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Making Memories 1999 said...

Good tribute to your hubby! Your children are so sweet!

Hey, I finally have the CFC info. I'll call you today to get your email address.