Monday, July 21, 2008

Our mini concert

We decided to have a Bozone kid's concert while Marlin and Elaine were here. Their kids are also involved in music like ours are, and it was neat to see them making music together.
Daniel and Samuel playing a trumpet duet.

The girls playing a violin trio.

Lydia had just started playing the bells in band camp, so she showed us what she was learning.

Of course the little guys had to have a turn. We were howling as they both took a turn at the slide trumpet.(Doyle's new toy)
Joseph blasting away.

Andrew doing a tune.

Julianna plays a piano solo.

Doyle and Marlin having way too much fun with a sax duet.

We also were invited to the Negron's house. This is Elaine's sister and her family. Her dad and stepmom also were there. We really enjoyed ourselves. Here is a good game of Dutch Blitz.

The guys playing a game of basketball.

Joseph and Andrew played so well together. They had not seen each other for 2 years, but you would not have known it. They picked right up and kept us entertained. Here they pose for another picture.

Yummy ice cream.

They look deep in thought, don't they? I think this was a game of Rook.

Elaine and her sister, Becky, with their girls.

Elaine and me. She is my sister-in-law, but has become a good friend as we share life together.

The female cousins pose for one more shot before saying good-by for another year.


The Canfield Family said...

Neat seeing all the pictures!

Kelly S said...

Looks like a fun time. I'm very jealous of the ice cream. I've been craving it and for some reason haven't bought any yet. We're looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend.

Ronda said...

Loved "catching up" on your blog...looks like ya'll are having a great summer! How neat that your kids are all musical...Bet everyone enjoyed the mini-concert! You all are "making memories"...(It was fun to see pics of Joy...haven't seen her in years!)