Monday, August 25, 2008

Wentworth Reunion

We left Hobe Sound in July to be a part of several activities. The first on our list was the Wentworth Reunion. My dad was the youngest of 9 children--8 of those kids lived to be adults. Because we lived relatively close, we saw each other a lot--getting together at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I spent so much time on their farm and loved the life. The sad fact is that my grandparents are both dead, and there are only 4 remaining kids. The cousins have moved to different locations which make it almost impossible to get together. I really miss the days when we all gathered for holidays and farm events.

The reunion I attended in July was not only my Dad's siblings and their desendants, but also my grandpa and his siblings desendants. Of course, my grandpa and all of his 8 brothers are gone, but I really enjoyed getting to know the family that I had never met. I asked the lady in charge if they were going to take a group photo. They weren't, so I asked my grandpa's family to gather for a photo. This is a portion of how many there are. We always had a full house at my grandparent's farm

Here are my dad's two sisters and 2 brothers that remain.

My aunt Hilda shares some photos. Being the oldest of the clan, she knows quite a bit of valuable information and has so many interesting pictures. I think she was the only one with a camera in the "good ole days" and she definitely has the evidence of a lot of stories. I plan to take a scanner next time and get the history and copies of these amazing shots.

This is a picture of a picture so it is not a very good quality. I want a nice copy of this one-it is my dad(the little one) and his brother, Eugene. They are wearing their oldest brother's military hats. Clarence was serving in World War II. I love the old car in the background.

Wilma and Rosalin-more cousins.

Julianna meets a new cousin-their great-grandpas were twins.

Lydia makes a new friend-my counsin's granddaughter.

Samuel enjoys a game of pool.

Joseph watches a game of foosball.

My cousin, David, sporting his new wheelchair.

I met Sue. Our gandparents were twins.

My sister, Lou Ann, talking with Anthony.

We were entertained with true Bluegrass music. After all, we were in Kentucky. We have come a long way from our original heritage in England.

Heather and her kids.

Brooke and her kids. Both Heather and Brooke's husbands were not able to come.

My cousin Terry and me. Our dads are brothers.

My cousin,Roger, and me. He is 6 months older than me, and I never let him forget it.

Here I am talking to my dad's two brothers. I enjoyed chatting with them, but they reminded me so much of my dad that I wanted to find a corner to go cry. It really made me miss my dad.

After leaving the reunion, I went to put flowers on my dad's grave. I also put flowers on all 4 grandparents graves and the graves of other close relatives.

Here Joseph stops to put a flower in my hair.

We had a nice time being with our relatives. I truly hope to do it again next year.


Anita said...

I'm fascinated with family history. When you mentioned your maiden name is Wentworth and they came from England I was reminded that when I worked with the Care agency here in Dorset, England I had a gentleman I use to care for who's name was Mr Wentworth. Might have been a relative. :)

Kelly S said...

I wondered when we were going to get to see pictures. So glad you got to go and had such a nice time.

Ronda said...

Glad that you had a nice family reunion...I am sure that you made wonderful memories!