Thursday, March 20, 2008


Last Saturday found us up very early to head off to Disney. Doyle has taken the Concert Band the last 2 years. Last year the bus broke down and they missed their workshop. This year was much better--no bus problems and good weather. We arrived shortly after the park opened to begin our fun day. There were enough chaperones for all of the kids, so we were able to stay together as a family. We tried to see the things we missed last year. Doyle took the older 3 kids on all of the big roller coasters while I did a few things with Joseph. I still can't believe that they will get on anything Doyle wants to ride. The last 4 hours of the day the Concert Band was involved in a workshop. At this time, I had the 4 kids by myself. I gave strict orders to the older two and put the two younger ones in a double stroller. I know it seems odd to let a 6 year old ride the wildest roller coaster at the park, and then stick her in a stroller, but it was easier to keep track of everyone that way. I think that any of them would have rode in the stroller at this time of the day. It actually went quite well.
I think it was beneficial for the band to see another music teacher say the same things that Doyle has tried to get across to them. Only the band and Doyle were allowed in the workshop with the staff, so the rest of us spent the last hours in Disney without them. The guy in charge said that they needed something extra for the song-he then had Doyle make animal sounds into the mic for a jungle effect. It was quite a hoot. The director also picked up his trumpet and added a jazz flavor. To top it all off, Mickey Mouse came out and directed the last piece. They seemed to enjoy their experience. We got to see the DVD they made.
Well, we were all worn out when we arrived back home at 2:00 AM, but have good memories to keep tucked away.

Here is Joseph with Mickey Mouse. This is as close as he cared to get. He finally touched him, but was not crazy about the experience.

Doyle and kids in front of Mickey's house.

Minnie's house-how sweet.

Lydia and Minnie. We waited in line forever for the girls to see Minnie. We kept saying, "Are you sure you want to see her?"--they were, so we waited.

Here is Julianna with the famous female mouse.

Doyle and Joseph with their 3-D glasses on. Wow, that really made the movie come alive.

Splash Mountain. I took about 20 pictures waiting for the right people to come down. Doyle rode this ride with Julianna, Samuel, Lydia, Josh and Huston Petty, and Eric Grant.

While the others rode a big ride, I bought Joseph and me some ice cream with a big price. I justified that it was O.K. to spend that money on 1 kid. We had it almost finished when they got off the ride.

No, this is not the band. I don't think that Doyle is ready to add banjos yet. It is actally some guys playing music along the street.

Cinderella's Castle

This is how Joseph enjoyed the parade the last 2 years. I tried hard to wake him up, but to no avail--he was out.

Castle at night.

Main street before the Parade of Lights began.

I took lots of pictures of the parade, but I will just show you this one of Chip and Dale playing the piano.

Here is Samuel lying down on a bench waiting for the bus to pick us up.

Tired and sunburned--ready to go home.


Mary Ellen said...

Looks like you had a great time!

We went last year with our three oldest during Spring Break, we got the double stroller for Ethan and Kaitlyn - best $20 we spent all day! We were thankful over and over that we had it. I would do it again this year too - if we were going. Last time we had been was when Michael was two - we'll go again but not this year. Family of six is sooo expensive! But we sure had a great time last year, we were there for 14 hours and saw everything we wanted. That's so cool you guys get to go every year - your kids are the perfect age to enjoy it.

Ronda said...

Oh! That looks like SO much fun...I have been to Disney twice but we have never gone as a family...It is on our "to do" list! I want to have a tea party in Minnie's adorable little house! (smile) Great pictures....You are making family memories!

nfhays said...

Oh MY Goodness!! I can't believe I FOUND you! I have been watching and searching for years for my dear friend from CFC dorm days! And I had forgotten you married Doyle! I was at SeaWorld yesterday with my hubby and 4 kids and was remembering the time he took us to see the sea turtle lay eggs... How wonderful to catch up with you guys - just a little! Take care!

Naomi (Ezell) Hays

Allana Martian said...

How fun! When I was in band, we didn't do those fun things. *sniff :-)

Kelly S said...

We enjoyed seeing these pictures. Of course, now my kids are dying to go!

Valorie said...

How fun. Remember going to Epcot on GBS Band Tour, Sherilyn?