Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here is our family in front of the church on Easter morning.

The kids pose in their outfits. My mom made the girls dresses while she was visiting. They are pretty, but also are wrinkle-free and made for comfort. I decided to skip the suits and ties for the boys. The green oxfords are practical here in south Florida.

This year Easter came alive for us here at Hobe Sound Bible Church. We presented a walk through "Journey to the Tomb" under the direction of Pastor Loper. This was a new experience for us, but we are excited about this adventure. I believe God used it to relate the story in a very dramatic way.
There were 7 different sites to the Journey-Doyle and I were tour guides along with several other couples. Our kids also got to be a part of some of the tours. Here are some people taking a tour.

The first stop was to talk to the disciples and ask them if they had seen Jesus.

Here is Justice explaining prophecy. Thanks, Mary Ellen, for the next two pictures- mine were a little blurry.

Here are the 2 guards in the beating chamber. This was an emotional scene.

Pilate quietly listens to his wife.

The High Priest listen as Judas throws the money down.

"Jesus" is taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb.

The last scene was the "Road to Emmaus".

After the last scene, people were invited to have refreshments and talk to Pastor Wolfe. He gave them a copy of a book about Easter and answered questions. We also invited them back to our service on Easter Sunday. This is the Sunday night musical. Dr. Peak and the choir did a great job singing about the Risen Saviour. My girls got to be in this scene where Mary comes to the tomb.



Kelly S said...

What a unique way of sharing the message!

Love the family picture. Your mom did a great job on the dresses! I've had a terrible time finding my girls dresses with sleeves. it snowed the day before Easter and all that was in the stores were sleeveless dresses!

Ronda said...

You all looked so lovely in your Easter outfits! What a nice family you have! Adorable dresses!(Wrinkle-free is always so nice!) The drama looked like it was very "moving"...I think that it is so important to focus on just what Jesus really did for us! Enjoyed seeing a glimpse of it on your post!

Allana Martian said...

Your family photo is lovely! I gave up on sewing Easter dresses for Rebecca. It tends to cost less to buy a dress. I got lucky this year and JCPenny's had racks of dresses to choose from and they were all on sale!

kayla said...

Glad I got to see the dresses since I missed them on Sunday.
I'm ready for next year to do the drama again. It was a great experience for us and for our kids.