Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Spring Cleaning the Girls' Room"

We made the decision to stay in Florida for Spring Break. This was due to the fact that Doyle still had his private lessons and public school bands to teach. We also looked at the price of gas, food, and lodging to go to IHC, and decided to skip it this year. We enjoyed the convention through the internet. It was not all a bad deal. I watched the choirs sing and Pres. Stetler preach while the kids combed my hair. I ate a grilled hamburger while Duane gave the closing challenge.(He said he was glad someone was fed during his sermon). I also spring cleaned the girls' room while listening to Dr. Kaufman. I am having a hard time convincing Doyle that we should ever go back to Ohio. I explained that it was not the same because I couldn't talk to my friends. He said, "Call them up after the service is over." I have decided that honesty is important and some of us have to admit that the real reason we go to IHC is not for the preaching and singing-we can do that now without ever leaving home. It is, in my case, to see my friends, give them a hug, and solve the world's problems together. I am struggling on how to convince my husband that a few hugs are going to cost him a few hundred dollars. We did discuss the fact that we want our kids to experience the big picture. I grew up going to IHC, but Doyle grew up here in Hobe Sound where I believe it is safe to say, is like a mini convention all year long. We will return to Ohio, but not every year. I do like the internet idea. I think I enjoyed more services than when I am actually there. Why am I telling you all of this?? Oh yeah, The spring cleaning--I guess I am trying to say that I was sad not to see my friends, but was able to deal with my grief very well by spending a relaxing week with my family. We were able to do some fun stuff with the kids, and I was able to get some projects done that had been on my list for awhile. Here is one of the fruits of my labor.

Here is the entry to the girls' room. When we redecorated a few years ago, they decided that they wanted bublegum pink walls. Doyle was a little hesitant while he was spreading on the paint, but the girls love it.

Here is the border. The theme is butterfly-ladybug. I took three of the colors out of the border and comforters to paint the accessories.

I have so much fun picking up treasures at yard sales and painting them to match the room. This was the case with the simple desk. I think that paint can make almost anything pretty.

This is Juliannna's dresser. She also has become a horse lover, so she took her leftover material from the Easter dresses and covered a bulletin board. She displays her horse stuff there.

The white dress is the dress that both girls were dedicated in. The pink one Julianna came home from the hospital in.

I even paint the ceiling fan blades.

This little dresser is for puzzles, crafts, and the girls personal things.

I really like the lace curtains. They wash up so nice and calm the bright room down.

This is Lydia's dresser. It was one of those deals where I think I paid $5.00 for the piece.

Here is a tea set slong with Lydia's little shoes hanging over the candle.

It was good to clean up, throw away, give away, and reorganize. That is a glimpse into the room of my little ladies.


Ronda said...

What an adorable room! I bet the girls DO love it...You were very creative with paint ideas! I especially like the chests and fan! Very cool! Spring cleaning does give you such a good feeling when it is all done!
As far as I.H.C., I think I am glad that we live close enough to drive over if needed(I so understand about enjoying the whole "catching up" thing!), BUT it WOULD be expensive to come clear from FL! Oh well...You get the year-round good weather! Glad that you had a fun "family" week! Take care!

Sayler Family Blog said...

Very bright - very beautiful! Every girl's dream. My Katie loved it! You always were wonderful with decorating.

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

How adorable. Tricia is really into horses right now too. When we were at Crocker's for the company dinner a couple weekends ago, they had a horse there. Tricia had so much fun riding it. I love the Bubblegum pink. We just painted the girls room pink and blue. That is a job. Not my favorite kind of activity but it turned out nice after all. Really nice.

Kelly S said...

Why does Google Reader show a post of Olivia's birthday, but it's not on your blog? Really cute pictures.

Allana Martian said...

You did a nice job on the girls room. Wanna come over and help me with Becca's room??? :-) It is in desperate need of a makeover! As for the party pictures, I'm guessing that that's Rosie admiring the ponies. If I remember right, she has quite the collection herself. BTW, you and your little gals did a great job tonight at the banquet!

Valorie said...

Sherilyn, you were always good at coordinating, even your shoe clips with your outfit back in our GBS days. Love the room. You have so much energy -- I need some!