Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun with Family

A few weeks ago we were privileged to have some very special people come to our home for a visit. My aunt Erma, uncle Marvin, and my cousin's daughter, Brittany came from Kentucky to make some Florida memories. Although the visit went by very fast, we had such a nice time together. We were able to take them to some of the attractions here close-by.

Here are 3 of the kids conked out on the loveseat. Joseph was still going strong.
We allowed our kids to stay up and wait for them to come since I knew they were too excited to sleep, or so I thought. Joseph saw an airplane go over and said that Erma wasn't in there. I asked how he knew that. He had an answer--he said that the plane went past. I guess he expected it to come to a screeching halt in my front yard.

One of the first places we took them to was, of course, the beach. Here the kids wait for another wave. They were all wet and sandy from head to toe but they had a blast.

Erma, Brittany, and I.

Erma enjoying the beauty of the ocean breeze.

Brittany is collecting a few shells and ready to get warm.

They also were able to take a tour of the Jupiter Lighthouse. Here Marvin begins the long climb to the top.

They made it!!

We all went to Lion Country Safari on Saturday. Here is one of God's neat creatures.

A nosy zebra. It is so neat to be so close to the animals as you drive through the park.

I love this picture of Lydia and the ostrich that kept pecking at our window.

Here they are in front of the waterfall.

The petting zoo.

Oh no, Samuel has been eaten by a lion!

Julianna pets the giraffe.

Brittany gets close to the gentle giant.

Brittany feeds a Lorie bird.

Marvin, Erma, and I take a rest.

We all went on paddle boat rides. Here are the boys with Doyle.

Brittany in front of a purple bougainvillea.

Samuel gets a new hairstyle.

The girls saying "good-by" before going to school.

Brittany took Joseph on a little picnic before she left. It was so thoughtful of her to think of that. I know he enjoyed his time with her.

Thanks to Tim and Patty for letting Brittany take that long first plane ride with her grandparents to make some special memories with us. We loved having all of them.


Patty said...

Thanks for the posting about their time there. Brittany had a great time. I would love some of your pictures. It is interesing what 12 year olds take pictures of. She must have a least 20 of Doyle directing the band:-)

Mary Ellen said...

What Joseph said about the airplane made me laugh! Kids are so funny.

For the longest time after a visit from Grandma Huff when Ethan was about the same age as Joseph, every airplane he saw in the sky he thought she was on it. We finally figured out that because she had arrived in an airplane he thought she LIVED in one and must have also thought she spent all of her time flying the friendly skies...too funny.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Looks like you all had a good time!! So glad they were able to come down.

I've enjoyed your songs in church via the church streaming. Thanks!!

Ronda said...

There is nothing like good times with family...looks like you all made their visit "special"!