Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Ouch, My feet hurt!!"

I know we just came through Mother's Day and we have all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings about our positions as moms. I do have one thing that gets on my nerves--MY KIDS STEP ON MY FEET!! Am I the only mom out there that always seems to get her feet stepped on? I have tried to figure out why. I am very much of a fix-it type person. I have looked at the size of my feet. I don't think this is the problem. I am 5'6" tall and my size 8 shoes seem an appropriate foundation for my frame. I can't come up with the reason their feet seem to keep coming in contact with mine.

I know there is probably a mom out there right now that is saying with a tissue in hand. "My kids are gone and oh, how I wish they would come back and step on my feet once again." Well, I am not there yet and I am trying to understand how I could miss this part of motherhood. Please tell me they don't do this when the are wearing a size 12 in men's shoes. Don't misunderstand me--I love my kids dearly, but this hurts!! It wasn't a real issue when the kids were small and they had those cute little soft shoes. That has all changed. I usually wear sandals or flip-flops and when you put a heeley on top of my bare foot, it is not a song of praise that comes out of my mouth.

It seems to be a real problem in church. We are all sitting there as a cute little family and someone needs to go to the bathroom or change places to get closer to the crayon box. There are a few inches between my knees and the pew in front of me. Invariably this a guarantee that my feet will be stepped on. When this happens, there are several things that immediately take place.I want to scream, "You just stepped on my foot!" Since that would not be the brightest idea during the sermon, I silently grab their arm to lift up on the kid to ease the pressure that is building a bruise on my poor foot. Guess what happens next..the kid thinks I have hurt them by grabbing their they start crying. I try to keep them quiet so everyone around me doesn't think I have hurt my kid. What I am tempted to do is raise my foot up in the air and show the crowd that I am the one hurt--see the boo-boo on the top of my foot. I know this would not be a good idea, so I suffer in silence and try to worship.

One thing that complicates this problem is that I naturally have flat feet. I really have to shop to find shoes that fit me. Most of the sandals I try on look hilarious--my foot slides right on through. Since I refuse to wear shoes that have my toes hanging 2 inches off the toe with 2 inches of free space in the back, I pick my sandals carefully. I told my kids a few days ago that if they keep stepping on my feet, I would not be able to wear shoes. I thought I saw a gleam in my husband's eyes as he looked at my full shoerack. I went on to tell them that if I could not wear shoes, they could just buy me a pair of envelopes to waddle around in like a duck. For some reason, they laughed.

Well, I still refuse to wear steel-toed combat boots to church, so I will have to deal with my problem. It has helped me just sharing with you, my blogger friends. It was good to let you know what was on my heart--I mean my feet. Take care and watch out for those kids in roller blades.


Sherry said...

You my friend are so funny! You have a way of posting things that make my heart melt. I know you are a great Mom because you have always been an awesome friend.


Mary Ellen said...

I AM SO WITH YOU ON THIS ONE!!!! I have to make sure Charlene sees this post - we talk about this all the time!!!! It is so hard to speak kindly when one of my kids is stepping on my feet so hard I'm seeing stars....I probably get after them for that when we are out and about more than anything else. IT HURTS!!!!

I was laughing before I reached the fifth sentence - it is definitely not just your children. The funniest thing is when I was passing you in the aisle (can't remember if it was this past Sunday or the one before) I happened to glance back to see if one of my kids was following and I saw one of your kids step on your foot and heard you yelp and I almost came back to tell you that I was glad to see it wasn't just my kids that stepped on their Mother's feet! We needed to get going or I would have...that made this blog extra funny to me.

You are not alone - maybe we can get your kids, mine and Charlene's together and have a "how not to step on your poor Mother's feet" class. "-)

Anonymous said...

That is really funny! Maybe you should start wearing thick bubble mailers on your feet so at least they will be protected for the next time it happens. I wonder how many of us "fellow bloggers" will be watching your kids in church on Sunday, to see the excitment? (HA--Joking!)

Love reading your blog!

CharleneOwensMomof2 said... everything you and Mary both said. Drives me crazy and is so hard to speak kindly when it happens. The child in me almost comes out at times and makes me want to stomp right back on theirs so they know how it feels, but thankfully the adult in me wins over and I refrain. Too funny!

Kelly S said...

"Ha, waddle duck!" - From Joshua

You've gone completely mad! You are silly. So so funny.

Angela said...

I SOOOOO agree!! My poor feet, sometimes they just come and stand on them, but I am sure that when they are grown and gone, as it seems they are growing so fast, I will also miss those aching feet.

Mary Ellen said...

PS - if you ever do decide to throw your foot high in the air in the middle of the sermon I SURE hope I'm sitting nearby!! "-)

Leah said...

I admit that after you mentioned this last night, I came to read what you said! Couldn't help but laugh! I must admit that I couldn't stand this part of my kids growing up! And for the record, I HATED sharing my drink! Drove me wacky!!!!! I finally told them one day that I had just spit in my glass and it stopped right then!!!

kayla said...

Did those envelopes have bubble wrap in them? You could start a new fashion trend.
My problem in church is people knocking my hair down. I know that my hair is big, but there is enough room behind me for people to be seated comfortably without giving me a concussion.

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

This is too funny!! We all go through this with our little ones. My pet peeve is to be walking somewhere like in a store and have Tricia walking on my heals. And God forbid she gets the shopping cart behind me. Then I worry about my ankles. Just think, these are memories we will laugh about in years to come.

I'm with Mary. I want to be near when your feet go in the air at church. What a hoot that would

loree2000 said...

Great post! I'm glad I'm not alone!
My little boy LOVES to wear football cleats and let me tell ya!! They will give your feet a massage you'll never forget!

Lori R.

Valorie said...

What a down-to-earth post, Sherilyn. It was good. Can you put shoe clips on envelopes???
Love ya.

Lenita said...

Oh my had me laughing so hard...and to be honest I don't know if your Man is like mine...but he thinks I'm exaggerating sometimes when I holler!! :) But with him in steel toed work boots....and of course the kids NEVER walk on his feet...that is the reason I guess.
Everyone else's comments I said AMEN to also!!
Great post!
Have a great week!!

Allana Martian said...

Me too, me too! My older kids don't do it as much anymore. Now it's Nathanael and James. And it HURTS!!! Maybe if moms wore those wooden clogs that they wear in Holland our feet wouldn't be in constant pain. Sneakers help, but who in Florida wants to wear sneakers on a regular basis. It must be a plot of some sort. If you figure it out, let me know! Great post!