Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Cousin Camp"

Phase three of our vacation took place at my mom and step-dad's home. They have a big house and lots of love to share. We decided this summer to have a cousin's camp for the younger children. My brother's kids are 19 and 16, so they were a little beyond the Play-Doh stage. They were busy with a missions trip and my niece was getting ready to start a new college this fall. I did get to see them on the way home. I will post that picture next time. Anyway, back to cousin's camp. My sisters and I got married within 10 months of each other; we did not waste any time making sure there were enough grandkids. There are 12 kids 11 and under! Let's just say that it is not real quiet while the clan is together. We planned several activities, and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

The cousin crew models their tie-dye shirts.

Alayna and Lydia grinning after I made their hair into crowns.

Here is a situation hard to explain-the adults playing Pit...

...and the kids quietly playing Scrabble-go figure. (It was nice to be the one yelling for a change.)

Mom showed the kids how to make home-made fudgesicles. Here Alayna takes a turn helping.


Here we are with Mom (I am the short one--hee hee)

I couldn't resist putting Groucho glasses on Sarah-pretty cool, huh?

Doyle showed the kids how to make animal balloons.

My project was helping the kids tie-dye shirts. It was pretty involved, but we had a good time.

Here the kids get some assistance.

Esther made cupcakes and the kids got to decorate one like a clown. They turned out so nice.

Samuel making sure his clown is just right.

"Isn't he cute?"

Lydia and Alayna help in the kitchen.

Esther shows the kids how it is done.

One morning I made omelets in a bag--this works nice for a big crowd.

The guys spent time playing horseshoes. They became very competitive-Doyle and Chris rejoice in their victory.

Joseph with Josiah and Hannah.

The boys roll the soccer ball back and forth. I told them to move back to give more space between them. Each time one kid moved, the other one followed.

Benjamin and Samuel share some special time. I really like this picture.

"Just a swangin" I think Lou Ann was trying to get the baby to sleep at this time.

Watermelon time-so refreshing.

Dave and Doyle make sure everyone has a piece.

There is a story behind this picture. We were shopping and had way too much fun in Goodwill with their big half-price sale. Esther found these three glittering outfits hanging together. I am guessing that some flashy person died and their loved ones cleaned out the closet. For some reason, we decided to try them on and take a picture. We felt like little girls playing dress-up.

The boys enjoyed spending time in the treehouse. I think it became a pirate ship along with anything else their imagination wanted it to be.

We finally decided to use the clothes line for the heavy stuff. I was afraid the dryer might start smoking.

Here Doyle and I do our part with the chores.

Julianna holds the newest cousin.

Lydia pushing Charity on the swing.

Baby Sarah

The guys work so hard.

I think Samuel got some in his mouth.

Doyle even gave Melanie a clarinet lesson.

Here is the gang according to age. Joseph was tired of us taking pictures-he decides to hide.

Saying good-bye is never easy.

After my sisters and their families left, we continued to stay and make more memories with Mamaw and Grandpa Dave.


Kelly S said...

What fun and precious memories! The kids will never forget those times together!

Misty said...

What fun!! We may have to try that in a few years, we have 9 ages 5 and under! :-)

Ronda said...

Cousin camp is a neat idea!!!!!!!! What wonderful memories for "all" of your kids! Looks like lots of exciting activities were planned for keeping the kids entertained! Enjoyed your pictures!