Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"More Memories"

Here are a few more pictures from our trip up north this summer. We made so many wonderful memories being together with those we love.

This is my brother and his wife, Kerry and Karen, and their kids, Kaleesha and Kaleb. We had a nice time with them on our way back home. I wish we could see them more often.

Julianna is really enjoying learning more about photography. This is a treasure she found in a tree. I think she did a nice job.

The kids lured two dogs into the yard. They named the canines, fed them table scraps, and loved the life out of them. I have a feeling that my mom might get a few more visit from these pooches. I am sure they had good homes, but as they took a walk around the neighborhood, 4 kids considered them homeless.

Lydia makes sure he does not go anywhere.

We also spent some time fishing at a friend's pond. The kids really enjoyed this time out in the quiet of nature.

Julianna takes her turn at catching a fish.

Doyle and Lydia traipse through the weeds.

Joseph waiting for a fish to bite. No, he does not have a pole through his head. This drainage system got in the way of my camera moments.

Lydia and Samuel-quiet for a moment.

We also had a cookout-marshmallows anyone?

Julianna noticed several butterflies on the flowers where we went to pick blueberries. Of course, we had to get several shots.

Dave found a baby rabbit while mowing. The kids thought it was so cute and soft.

Here is our bunch by the beautiful wildflowers.

I hope I never get over the wonder of nature.

I got a little carried away with the butterfly pictures.

While we were picking blueberries, an annual tradition, I noticed several apples on the ground from a previous storm. I have fond memories of picking apples every September with my family while growing up. I always miss this time since I am back home in Florida in September. I asked the owner if I could buy some of the apples on the ground. She insisted that I take them. I took a couple of handfuls to make a pie.

This apple pie was especially good with home-made ice cream. Did I mention that you are not suppossed to diet on vacations?

Another shot of the wildflowers. I love flowers and look forward to every November when hurricane season is over and I can decorate my yard with the beauty of God's creation.

Joseph does a little taste testing.

I had to get a close-up.

Lydia stops to try a blueberry. They are so yummy straight off the tree.

Julianna enjoys filling her bucket.

Samuel and Joseph doing their part. With 8 people picking blueberries, it did not take long for us to have several pounds. I think they charged us $1.00 a pound.

Lydia and Joseph pause to play in the mud puddle.

Doyle keeps an eye open for exotic bikes. He likes to use them for summer band camp. Since he rides a unicyle, and has several other different bikes, he was immediately drawn to this collector trike. He bought 2 kids' (the last 2 they had) and several adult bikes. He got a great deal on them and has done a lot of research about the availability of these models. He got them from a close-out store and is selling them for $229. They sell for $300 on the internet. He brought one home to show if anyone is interested in buying one. We have the rest stored in Indiana and will bring them to Florida as people want them. Now, I have made my husband's sales pitch.

Samuel clowns around like he has seen his father do.

Joseph loves this bike-it is very durable and has some nice features.

My man and me--so happy together.

My cool boys... sweet girls.

Well, that will have to do for now. I have one more post from our trip, my school reunion.


Mary Ellen said...

I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures from your vacation. Looks like a very fun summer trip.

Tell Julianna she did a great job with her photo taking.

kayla said...

You guys should go into the photography business.
We need to get together. It's been too long.

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

I've had fun seeing your pictures. I love the butterfly pictures. Great job. The pictures of the family are really nice too.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Very nice pictures!! And Julianna did a great job as well. Just like her mother, eh? :-) Thanks for sharing.

Hey, I tried to upload the video of us singing, and couldn't do it. I may try again later, but if you can upload it, I'll just link to your post, ok?

Again, it was so good to see you this summer. Wish we could do it more often!! Really enjoyed the reunion!