Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School!

The kids started back to school today! This year they all four loaded up their backpacks and began the new year.

Julianna-7th, Samuel-5th, Lydia-3rd, and Joseph-K

Joseph has a cute smile, but you have to catch him. When you ask him to smile-this is what you get.

Here he goes!

Lydia is a little overloaded-the first day they have to take several things that stay at school.

So, I am home alone! I think it would have hit me harder if I was not pregnant. I am going to make good use of my time getting ready for our new baby to come in February.


Mindy said...

You are? Congrats to you!

Ronda said...

Cute BTS pics! :)What a nice family...
Congratulations are the baby~to~ happy for you all! Hope everything goes well!

Julie said...

Hi there! I am an OLD friend of Doyle's from back in the PCC days. Last Fri. he popped into my mind, and I tried to facebook him to no avail, but I DID find your blog. Though I promise I am not a stalker.

You have a beautiful family. It's fun to see how people's lives take shape and where we are 20 years later. You can tell Doyle that I am married to Steve and we have 8 kids. I would love to catch up, so feel free to email me at mommypancis at aol dot com. Or not. Either way, you all look happy and blessed, and I thought of you today.

~Julie (Kozel) McClay