Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beach Fun

We decided to go to the beach last Tuesday night so the kids could play in the water. We live 1 mile from the ocean, but do not go very often. The following 2 pictures are of the water spouts off shore. The surfers got out of the water, watched them, and got back in. Being from Indiana, I thought they looked like tornados. No one seemed alarmed, so I just took pictures and videoed the action. After I got home, I did some research on computer and found out that the difference between a water spout and a tornado is that a tornado is over land and a water spout is over water. That made me feel so much better! I am glad they decided to play in the ocean and not visit us on land.

Another picture of the "harmless" water spout. It was prety neat to see them touch down and watch the water spray up.

The kids getting all wet and sandy.

Samuel really enjoyed trying his new skim board.


Ronda said...

Fun pics of your kids enjoying the water and the sand in their toes! :) Neat pictures of the water spouts (though they sound a little scary!).

Valorie said...

Cool pics, Sherilyn!