Monday, November 26, 2007


Joseph became a big 4 year old on Sunday. We had his main celebration on Saturday with little friends coming over for a Diego-themed rescue party. It really turned out nice. Doyle and I kept things moving with lots of games. I hid paw prints in different places and the kids had to follow the clues to the lost lion cub. They seemed to enjoy the activities. After we had lunch, opened the gifts, and had cake and ice cream, Doyle made animal balloons for them. We declared it a good time as we watched the guests leaving with their party bags and balloons. Joseph thoroughly enjoyed himself.


maryellenhuff said...

Ethan had a great time at his first birthday party invite - thank you so much for including him!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday Joseph~It looks like you had a great party.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Happy Birthday, Joseph!! Looks like you had a fun party!

Sunshine Girl was trying to remember Lydia's name yesterday, so she asked me who "little Joseph's big sister" was. :-)