Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Abortion . . . the Real Issue

I decided to share from my heart about the upcoming election. I have been waiting for the real issue to be addressed. I want to go on record that I care very much about the current problems; the economy, energy efficiency, education, health care, foreign policies, and other things that we as a nation simply cannot ignore. There is one issue that I believe decides who I will vote for next week--abortion. I know that in some people's eyes, this issue holds little significance to the failing economy. I will vote for McCain simply on this issue. I agree with him on a host of other issues and disagree with him on some.

Even if I were guaranteed wealth, health, and happiness by voting for Obama, I wouldn't because this world is not just about me. There are multitudes of babies being murdered at the hands of selfish people. The unborn children do not get to vote because they do not have a voice. It is up to me as a citizen of this great country to give them a voice. This is not the first time our country has been at the crossroads concerning the value of human life. If you read the history books, you will find other instances when someone had to speak for someone else. We do not have to look very far back to see an example. Let's look at slavery and the Civil War. I am sure that it was not popular among the slave owners to think about giving freedom to a black person. Why should he/she have a voice? Well, there happen to be some people that thought that all men were created equal. President Lincoln "went to bat" for these precious people and fought for their freedom. I hope Obama thinks about this when he is out campaining. He wouldn't even have the right to run for President of the United States if someone had not fought for his freedom. I hope he realizes that his life is no more valuable that that of an unborn child. There are several of us who were greatly offended by his statement that referred to children as a punishment. Let me clarify. When he was talking about abortion and said that, "I've got two daughters. If they make a mistake, I don't want them to be punished with a baby."

Does it scare you to think that we could stoop so low to elect a president that viewed children as a punishment? I have been thinking about that and would love to ask him a question about his statement. What was the mistake? I find it very amusing that we are surprised when pregnancy takes place. Some of us know how it happens-it is called sex. I believe that abstinence still works 100% of the time. You want to avoid pregnancy, don't have sex. It sounds simple, but people still want to make choices without consequences. That is not the real world!! I will go so far as to say that I don't believe children are accidents. God may send surprises, but not accidents. There is a solution to these problems. Choose to not have sex before marriage. If you choose to marry, enjoy all of the benefits that come with this union, including children. Your body does not know if you are married or not, so when a pregnancy takes place, a human life comes into existence. Why should you punish an innocent life because you made the decison to engage in an activity that we all still knows brings about pregnancy. Don't be surprised--we are all a result of sex. It is God's plan that sex only happens in a marriage, but some time people make desicions that are against God's design. When this happens, the next step is not to make another bad decision and murder your flesh and blood. Ask God to forgive your activity and welcome this little one into your life as a gift from God.

If you looked out your window one day and saw your neighbor with a dead toddler slung over her shoulder, and a shovel in hand, you would call the authorities. Can you imagine when the police came to your home to get more details on what you just witnessed, you began to explain to them that they really should not view this as murder because this lttle kid was a real inconvenience in your neighbor's life. The neighbor had just lost her job and her boyfriend had moved out. It was not a good time for her to have a toddler in her life. I am sure the police would look at you in a peculiar way and probably send you for a psychiatric evaluation. The only difference between abortion and toddler killing is that one form of murder is legal and the other is not.

I know this view sounds "far out" to most people, but let's just face the facts. Our present day philosophy of selfishness is not taking our country in the right direction. I know abortions are given to all ages of women, but I think it all starts with the views we are teaching our children. With that in mind, I am discussing young unmarrried girls. It really bothers me when I hear people say that young people are going to engage in pre-marital sexual activity anyway, so let's just make sure they are protected. Protected from what? Pregnancy is not a disease-and wearing a condom doesn't keep a person from sexual transmitted diseases, let alone the the heartache of giving your moral purity to someone who was unwilling to wait until marriage. I believe that kids are smart and can rise to the challenge if we as adults would set the example. If I tell my kids that I know they are probably not going to make good grades, but try anyway, they probably won't bring home staight A's. On the other hand, if I tell them I believe they can do well, work with them, study, and help them in every area I can, I will get a better result. Why not carry this philosophy into other areas of their lives. When I go into the public library, there are books telling my child that they can do anything and be anything they want to be. Please tell me why that same child can not live a pure life.

First of all, we have allowed our culture to dictate to us what is right and wrong. I live here in south Florida where it is common to see sea turtle nests protected by posts and ropes. Someone is protecting something that cannot protect itself. I think it is pretty obvious that things are a little lopsided when a person is fined for bothering a turle egg and yet it is legal to kill children before birth. We can not depend on society to set our code of ethics. There is a better way to have absolute truth-the Bible.

So, how can we live a life that is pure. Well, I believe that we need help from another Source. I believe that source is God. When we accept him into our lives, he equips us to do the right thing. With His help, we can live a life that is fulfilled and rewarding. I am not living a life just for myself, I am living it to bring glory to God.

I can not imagine any thinking person voting for a man who promises that if he should get into office, he will take away the current restrictions on abortion. This action will guarantee the murder of more little Americans before they get a chance to experience life outside of the womb. Wake up America!!


Mary Ellen said...

VERY well said - I couldn't agree more!

kayla said...

You go girl!
I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Very well stated!

Kelly S said...

Wow - very good job. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! I may post a link to this from my blog.

Off the subject, we bought a tent - so...maybe next year? :)

Liz said...

Amen! Amen and amen!!! You just got up and joined me on my soapbox. I so agree with you and I thought the illustration about the toddler was so great. I myself was telling someone something along those same lines last week. It seems so black and white to me. Wonder why others see it differently?

Ronda said...

This is an issue that I am SO passionate about! I couldn't believe that Obama said that there were some situations(when a mother's life was at stake) that a "partial birth" abortion should be done. I have worked in OB for 17 years and there is NEVER a situation where this should be done. Obviously...we would save the mother's life if she were in danger and then do everything in our power to save the babies' life! Can't imagine birthing a babies' head, having it's little neck slit and it's brain tissue gutted out! What is our world THINKING???????? Dear God...help us!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Lisa Holloway Slater said...

I totally agree with you, Sherilyn. I remember while living in Florida and seeing the ropes they had up for the sea turtles and thinking the same thing as you. The turtles have rights that unborn babies do not have.

It is a sore subject with me when people condone abortion especially when I lost my last child when I was 20 weeks pregnant. We wanted our baby so much. I cannot even imagining thinking of aborting a baby. May God have mercy on this country!

Sherry said...

Hey, I totally agree with you! I am not a stranger to you. I was at CFC for like 8 weeks in '85. I hope all goes good this election!

Tracy said...

Sherilyn, I am glad you got brave and posted! :) It was well worth reading and I may post a link to this if you give me your permission. Tracy