Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Fun Fan

I always look forward to the next edition of "Family Fun." There is a nice assortment of recipes, crafts, and games to do as a family. We decided to try a few recipes celebrating fall.

The truckload of pumpkins is made from circus peanuts cut in half. Glue the bottoms together with a gummy piece--this also serves as a stem. Squish them together into a ball and make lines with a knife.

Here are some leaves that people don't mind raking into their mouths. Take a piecrust and use a cookie cutter to cut out leaf shapes. Make a glaze of 1 egg and 1t. water to brush on the leaves. Put chocolate chips between layers and add another leaf. Pinch down the sides to hold together. Glaze and add sugar. Bake at 375 until golden brown. I did not fill all of them, I baked some of them with just the glaze and sugar on them. Both kinds were very good.

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Chris & Esther Hilling said...

They turned out nice! I'm sure they tasted good too!