Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day at the Ranch

Since the kids were off school Friday, we decided to take them to a local ranch. It really was a neat experience for all of us. Julianna has a great fascination with horses and dreams of riding. The owner showed us all of her animals and the kids got to feed some of them. She also gave each of them their first horse riding lesson.

Julianna meets the horse that they will ride.

I think she was on cloud nine as she learned to start and stop, give commands, and turn the horse.

Samuel and Lydia hold the ferrets.

Two eager sheep wait for food.

Lydia tries to feed two goats and a sheep at the same time.

Samuel makes a friend.

Joseph gets in on the fun.

We got to see some rabbits that were 2 days old.

The cutest rabbits were the ones that were about 2 weeks old.

Joseph gets some assistance from Julianna.

We also got to visit the chickens and take 2 eggs home.

The kids learned how to put on the saddle and groom the horse before their riding lesson.

I love the look on Joseph's face when he got up on the horse.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the double pony-tail.

Joseph takes his turn. I think he felt pretty important giving commands to a horse.

Samuel thoroughly enjoying himself.

Lydia taking her turn at riding a horse.

Lydia's ice pop looks inviting to this pot-bellied pig.

We left the ranch and went to the mall for awhile. We really enjoyed being together and having a more relaxed schedule for a change. We ended our day by getting Taco Bell and taking our supper to a park by the water. The sunset was beautiful!

We took a walk on the boardwalk and declared it a good day.


Kelly S said...

It does look like a good day! Looks like a lot of fun. Christmas is not far away! Looking forward to seeing y'all again!

Ronda said...

Great pics....Cute kids! Sounds like a really fun family day!

Barb (Glick) Kamph said...

Did you manage to come home without any new animals, those bunnies were way too cute. :)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Looks like a fun day. I really like the palm tree picture! Nice job!

kayla said...

I'm going to have to get some information from you. My boys would love to go there.
Thanks for the heads up about the livestream. I watched almost every session, and needless to say am feeling very inspired.