Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mother's Day Gift

We had been checking into leather love seat recliners. Doyle made it special when he surprised me by having one delivered the day before Mother's Day. As you can see in this photo, Mom is not sitting in it. There are a few other people in the house who enjoy it also.


Anonymous said...

It seems so many of our gifts are enjoyed by the whole family! But then - that's what being a mother is all about! Hope there's room for you to enjoy your gift! -Heehee!

Nancy said...

What a cute picture! I didn't know those chairs even existed! I can just see me enjoying that very much! I'm not sure if you know me.....II'm Nancy Lambeth. I know you from the times you've stopped by our church in Burlington. We attend there and I know some of your family members. I'm enjoying your blog! Stop by my blog anytime!

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