Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Memories

The Second part of our vacation was spent at my mom and step-dad's house. We always enjoy our time together with them and the rest of the family. We made so many great memories to tuck away in our hearts. Here is the clan on Christmas Day.

The 4 kids and Mom.

Kaleesha and Kaleb. These are the kids that I used to spoil. Kaleesha is a student in college and Kaleb is 17.

This is how Doyle spent part of Chistmas Day. He was outside playing on the ice(pulling my nephew on a mop) when he hit the ice face first. Melanie helped him inside where he took his glove off of his face and showed me his blood-covered mouth. His top lip was all swelled up and was cut inside and outside. I think his tooth cut through his lip. It took us awhile to get the bleeding stopped. I was also checking for signs of a concusion. He did start feeling sick, but we were able to get that under control.

This injury was magnified due to the fact that Doyle is a brass player. This means his lip is used for more than kissing me. I tried to make the best decision whether to take him to the hospital or not. My step-brother is a P.A., so when he called to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, he gave me some direction. We decided not to get stitches and I hope I did the right thing. The outside of his lip has healed up, but the inside has some scar tissue that could be a problem in playing the trumpet. He has several Cornerstone concerts coming up--the first one this Thursday night. He plays trombone for them and he is hoping that he will be able to play. He has not been able to practice very much because of the bruising, so we are praying for it to heal properly. There is a possibility he might have to have some scar tissue cut out in the future.

Benjamin and Samuel singing in a children's group at church. I am not sure what Joseph was looking at.

Hannah and Charity (2 of Lou Ann's girls)

Esther's girls (Melanie and Alayna) with my girls.

Samuel gets a new set to add to his Mars Mission.

Joseph is happy to open another gift.

We were glad to have Karen's sister, Paula, and her daughter, Celeste, join us in our festivities.

Doyle does not lack for attention from the kids. Here Daniel and Hannah pose for a picture while Joesph hangs on his back.

Lydia adds a little decoration to her face.

Julianna with her American Girl book of plays to perform.

Lou Ann and I help Hannah put her puzzle together.

Grandpa Dave, Melanie, and Sarah enjoy some snuggle time. I think this is so cute the way Sarah fell asleep and Melanie is holding her little head up.

Mom making homemade biscuits.

Chris gives his opinion while playing a game.

Helping with yard work-Lydia doing the raking.

Samuel making the job easier.

Joseph-busy as a bee.

Josiah turned 4, so we celebrated his birthday.

Joseph and Josiah-real buddies.

Esther made carmel marshmallow treats-Mom and I help with the dipping.

Trying to play in the skim of snow.

Mom and Dave's big house-room for everyone.

The girls really enjoyed being outside in the cold.

We had some time to sew together. Julianna takes her turn at the machine.

After a wonderful vacation, it was time to say "good-bye." Mom and Dave see us off.


Kelly S said...

What wonderful memories! I enjoyed seeing your pictures! I love the picture of you caring for Doyle! The look of concern and love on your face is priceless!

Ronda said...

It was so nice to hear from you today! I enjoyed seeing all of your pretty Christmas pictures, too! Looks like you had WONDERFUL holidays(with the exception of poor Doyle getting hurt! I am so sorry that had to happen....Hope that his lip gets better soon.)! I agree....families are precious gifts from God. Your family seems to really enjoy each other...Hope that you ALL will have a blessed 2009!