Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Julianna!!

Julianna celebrated her 12th birthday on Saturday. She wanted a scrapbook party with friends this year, so that is what we did. It turned out real nice. I decided to make her a scrapbook cake-I found the idea on the internet.

We are ready for the girls to arrive.

Fresh flowers from our yard.

We tried an idea that my sister, Esther, gave me. Since I received a marble slab for Christmas, why not use it for the party? We did an imitation of Cold Stone Creamery. We had several toppings to add to the ice cream. Julianna took their orders when they arrived.

Doyle mixed it on the slab, and I put it in the freezer until we cut the cake.

Make a wish!

After cake and ice cream, Doyle played a short game with them while I cleared the table for scrapbooking. They brought a few pictures from home and made a mini book. They seemed to really enjoy themselves. I think they would have worked for another hour if their parents had not come to pick them up.

It was so neat to see their creativity come to life.

She received many nice gifts. She shows off a new scrapbook.

She had to have a picture of her gifts together.

Gifts for the guests-a roller stamp with three different designs.

She declared it her best birthday ever, so that made me very pleased.


Permission to Mother said...

An excellent birthday theme! I love all your ideas. Happy Birthday, Julianna.

Angela said...

Was a great party.

Mary Ellen said...

What a great idea for a party - both the scrapbooking and the ice cream bar - that is really neat and I'm sure she loved it. Great cake!

You do such a great job of planning wonderful birthday parties that are meangingful to each of your kids.

Petty said...

I know this is a little late, but wow! You are one super crafty mom!