Monday, January 5, 2009


Vacation has come to an end. After 3,000 miles of traveling, lots of good memories with family and friends, a few interesting moments(explanation later), we are home. We are very thankful to God for keeping us safe on our 2 week vacation. It is a strange feeling to come home after being with family for awhile. I look forward to returning to Florida, but know I won't see my loved ones until summer. I think I will pray that they get so much snow and ice that I can talk them into visiting the sunny south. Well, my goal for today is to finish unpacking and begin the process of taking all of my Christmas decorations down.


Kelly S said...

We always hate saying goodbye to you as well! No matter how long we have together with family, it's never enough time, is it? Glad you had a good time with your mom and siblings as well - in spite of the ice! :)

p.s. I made a batch of fudge and it turned out terrible. David made two batches yesterday and it turned out perfect!

kayla said...

Ethan was so excited Sunday morning to inform me "Samuel go back from his vacation". I'm glad he let you along.

Your Penn Palz : said...

WOW... now that's a LOT of road-time! hope your new year is off with 'a big bang' and that you're enjoying your warm, sunny weather! it's snowing here... AGAIN! :-(
take care!