Monday, January 26, 2009

Comments about Cornerstone

In the last two weeks Cornerstone has had 6 concerts here in south Florida. We are thankful to God that Doyle was able to play his trombone after his episode with the ice. Cornerstone had the first concert of our concert series here at Hobe Sound Bible Church. I am just a little bit proud of them.

Lucas thoroughly enjoying himself.

The guys wore dark glasses for one of the songs. Doyle and Dan come onto the platform playing their trombones.

Jonathan and David with their trumpets--looking cool.

Doyle blasts away!

Emily prepared a wonderful meal one Sunday afternoon. She always has beautiful decorations to make a gathering extra special.

David holds little Natalie Heath.

We decided to go out and eat one night after a concert. Taking 14 kids to a restaurant is an interesting experience. The boys were excited that the drink turned their tongues blue.

Like fathers-like sons.

Here are the Cornerstone Kids. When the concerst get long, we mothers are tempted to turn them loose down the aisle with kazoos.

Julianna holds the youngest member of the Shrout family, baby Laura.

Well, I think the non-Florida members of the group enjoyed bringing their families down to the sunny south. We will come up north this summer for a tour when it is too hot down here.


Kelly S said...

So glad Doyle's lip healed up okay! We prayed for him. Enjoyed seeing your pictures. We'll look forward to that "North" visit! Hopefully we will get to see you then??

sankey family said...

Great pictures. I would love to hear Cornerstone play again! Maybe they could do a Mexico tour.

Ronda said...

Let me know when and if Cornerstone will be in Indy....would love to go to one of their concerts! You should be HUGELY proud! :)
Loved Julianna's birthday pictures...looked like she had a grand birthday party! The icecream slab was a cool idea! Fun memories!