Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Happy Boy

Joseph had a hole in the knee of one of his favorite pair of pajamas. At first it was small, but as you can see, it grew. I knew he was done wearing them. I started to throw them away, but somehow it was hard to let go of the soft familiar flannel. I did something a little uncharacteristic of me--I stuck them back in his drawer. The next day he told me that he needed a sleeping bag for his Webkinz Gecko. By the way, these stuffed animals are becoming too human.

I immediately thought of the pjs, and said "sure." I even made a pillow for him. The whole thing took a few minutes and he was thrilled.

A happy Joseph and a happy Sparkle Punch.(how's that for a name)

Guess what the other kids wanted when they got home from school?


Misty said...

That is very cute! I am sure it made your little guy's day, what a great memory :-)

Kelly S said...

How cute and creative! I want one too!:)